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Profiles of Family-Owned Businesses

See the potential your businesses has by learning about other successful family-owned businesses. Find out who has the oldest, most successful and largest family owned business and more.

Family Business Profile: Tommasini
How an Italian bicycle builder, Tommasini, became one of the most highly recognized leaders in the industry and how the company maintained success from generation to generation with successful succession planning.

America's 100 Largest Family Businesses
View a list of America's largest family owned businesses.

America’s Oldest Family Businesses
Pride, ingenuity and endurance: More lessons from survivors.

America's Oldest Brewery
For almost two centuries, tiny, family-owned Yuengling survived by refusing to grow. So how'd it get to be America's fifth-largest brewery?

Centuries-Old Family Businesses Share Their Secrets
Business Week Article on family businesses and how other enterprises can benefit by borrowing strategies from these companies that have prospered generation after generation.

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