1. Money

Inheritance Issues with Family Businesses

Everything you need to know to about inheriting a family business, taking over the reigns and guiding your company through the change.

Do You Need an Estate Plan? - Financial Matters
Aside from taking a look at your family matters, you will also need to review your finances in order to assess your need for an estate plan. The following financial “red flags” will help you to make this determination.

Who Would You Want to Inherit the Family Business - the Kids or IRS?
An article from the Kansas City Business Journal.

Wills Can Save Your Business
Read the five things small business owners should address when they draft or update their wills.

Inheriting the House vs. the Business
Most parents want to treat all of their children equally, especially when it comes to dividing their estate. "Equally" is often defined as having all children inheriting an equal share of each asset. But are all assets in fact equal?

The Northeastern University Center for Family Business
The Northeastern University Center for Family Business is a membership organization that provides education, networking opportunities, and support to business families.

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