1. Money

Management and Operations Information for Family Businesses

Information to build and manage a successful family business. Learn how to build a strong company culture, manage threats to your business and streamline your operations.

5 Common Threats to a Family Business
5 common threats that every family business faces and tips on how to manage them.

Non-disclosure Agreements
A look at Non-disclosure Agreements to protect your Intellectual Property.

Relax Your Office Dress Code?
You need a written dress code, regardless of how casual or formal. Before you decide to create or change your dress code, consider these issues.

Build an Org Chart
Here's a quick guideline on how to draw an org chart for your department. You can easily expand it out for an entire company

Books Relating to the Deming Philosophy
John Hunter's extensive list of books that deal with Dr. Edwards Deming's philosophy for quality improvement. Includes hyperlinks to amazon.com for more information and to purchase the books.

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