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Managing Conflict in a Family Business

Managing family and non-family conflict in your businesses is critical to your success. Learn what you can do now to stop the chaos.

5 (Difficult) People You Meet At Work
About's Career Planning Guide can help you get along better with The Chatterbox, The Credit Grabber, and three other difficult types, so you can enjoy your work week more!

How Can I Deal With A Difficult Co-Worker?
According to a recent job stress poll on this site, about three in four of us deal with at least one difficult co-worker at our jobs. These people can cause weekly--or sometimes even daily--stress. Find out how to handle difficult coworkers to reduce job stress and feel more at peace when you're at work.

How To Deal With A Negative Co-Worker
About's Human Resources Guide has tips on dealing with occasional and chronic negativity from other co-workers so it doesn't bring you down.

American Management Association
American Management Association is a world leader in professional development, advancing the skills of individuals to drive business success.

Resolving Family Business Conflicts
Business Week article on resolving family business conflicts and how leaders of family businesses often ignore problems that cause strife in the workplace.

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