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Succession Planning for Family Owned Businesses

Learn why you need a succession plan for your family business, how to ensure your business lives on after you are gone and how to mentor the next generation.

Succession Planning Basics for Family-Owned Businesses
Ensuring your business survives after you are gone requires a solid plan. Here are a few simple steps to help guide you in developing your plan.

Handing Over the Family Business?
After years of entrepreneurship, you’re looking forward to the day when you can retire, secure in the knowledge that the business you’ve built is safe for another generation. But planning to hand over the family business takes a succession plan.

The Four Ds of a Business Exit Strategy
Learn the four D’s of a business exit strategy: death, disability, divorce, and departing. The idea that your business will provide you with income after you are no longer there may not be a reality. To have a successful business, you must plan for all four D’s.

Family Business Succession Planning
Business succession planning should be a priority for every family business.

Family-First Business or Business-First Family?
The ins and outs of creating a family business succession plan.

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