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Managing the Work / Life Balance in a Family Business

Avoid burn-out and grow your businesses more effectively by learning how to manage work and life while running your family-owned business.

Quick Tips to Reduce Stress at Work
Tackle the task at hand with ease by utilizing these quick stress reliever tips.

Chronic Job Stress is a Risk Factor for Heart Disease
Recent studies have found a link between chronic job stress and metabolic syndrome, a cluster of health factors that increase the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other health conditions. Learn what you can do to reduce work-related stress and stay healthier.

Understanding Stress and Workplace Stress
About’s Human Resources guide discusses what causes stress, both positive and negative types, what affects our coping skills, and what we can do to reduce and manage the stress we have in our work and personal lives.

Workplace Humor: A Cause and a Cure for Workplace Stress
Workplace humor can reduce stress and contribute to a more fun and enjoyable work environment.

Work Stress, Family Stress: Seperate Experiences For Mom and Dad
The Impact of Job and Family Responsibilities on Psychological Well-being of Working Mothers and Fathers.

Work-Life Balance: Ways to Restore Harmony and Reduce Stress
Mayo Clinic article on ways to restore harmony and reduce stress If your work life and personal life.

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